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vigiliant_screener.jpgThanks to the terror threat revealed yesterday in London, there are a whole new set of prohibited items on flights, notably liquid items such as water bottles, toiletries and even coffee. Baby formula, prescription medicines (they’ll check your name on the bottle), and required non-prescription drugs like insulin are allowed. While this means that my ritual of buying a meal for the flight before the flight is now in jeopardy, at least domestically I can still listen to my iPod on a flight.

The British government has clamped down on carry on baggage completely: You can bring only a clear plastic bag with a few personal items onboard, like your wallet, keys, passports, and feminine hygiene products. No mobile electronic devices, including iPods, laptop computers, mobile phones, and even car-alarm key clickers, are allowed. This applies to all flights to and from the UK, so if you’re flying to Heathrow or Gatwick, I hope you haven’t seen the inflight movie or read the inflight magazine already, becuase it’s going to be a boring bunch of hours.

If you’re flying anywhere else, like within the domestic USA, you won’t be able to bring liquids onboard, but at least you’ll be able to use your laptop and other electronic devices. This info comes direct from the TSA, but things may change as more details come out. Since TSA screeners have been known to overreact when changes happen, be prepared for long lines at the airports. 

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