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new cool best high technology gadgets gift MoGo Mouse.jpgNewton Peripherals wants to shake up the notebook mouse market with the MoGo, a business-card-size Bluetooth mouse. Should you care? Well, yes, if you’ve got Bluetooth embedded in your laptop and want a wireless mouse. The last thing you need is a silly proprietary USB dongle sticking out of your laptop. And nothing shouts “I’m better than you” louder than the incredibly thin, lightweight, MoGo. Even better, the mouse charges and can be stored in the PC Card slot of your laptop. Here’s what my experience with it was like.

Charging via the PC Card slot took about 30 minutes (a little indicator turns green to indicate charging is complete). Pairing the mouse with my laptop via Bluetooth was, well, typical. (Hopefully the long-awaited Wireless USB will give Bluetooth a schooling on connecting devices.) When you flip out the kickstand, the mouse turns on; it then takes about 10 seconds for the mouse to get going. Using the MoGo is surprisingly comfortable. To turn the mouse off, simply close the flipstand. While I typed up this review, the mouse lost its connection with the laptop only once. I re-paired it and was back in business.

Now for the downsides: First, there’s no scrollwheel. I really missed that. The second problem has to do with the PC Card slot. Out of 15 new laptops on PC Magazine Lead Analyst Cisco Cheng’s workbench, 9 of them had PC Card slots. (The others had the newer ExpressCard slots ) Out of the 9 that had PC Card slots, 7 of them had Bluetooth. That means out of 15 spankin’ new laptops, less than half of them would work off the bat with the MoGo. While Newton Peripherals is on the money with Bluetooth, it would be nice if the company rolled out an ExpressCard model.

The MoGo earned some serious wows from those who saw me using it. All in all, I think it’s one of the coolest little Bluetooth devices out there.

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