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Konami-Frogger-Controller[1.jpgFrogger is 25 years old, and he finally got enough sense to get out of that busy street. I’m guessing he got tired of tempting roadkill fate. Konami’s new plug-and-play game Frogger: Ancient Shadow has our loveable friend hopping through different worlds to save his home in Firefly Swamp from the evil Dr. Wani. (Doesn’t that name sound threatening?)

I had to borrow a pair of massive scissors to tear into the plastic packaging, but finally managed to wrestle the controller free. You just plug it into your computer’s USB port, and you’re automatically connected to Konami’s Web site, where the game resides. Voilá: instant gaming.

Although the bright-blue controller felt a little small in my hands (probably because the game is intended for ages 8 and up), the buttons were large and easy to press. After a quick setup session, the game screen popped up and I was ready to go. But seeing as I had skipped over the controller menu, I had no clue which buttons did what. That’s what I get for being impatient. A little trial and error ensued, and I managed to figure out which buttons made Frogger leap forward, unfurl his tongue, jump in the air, and turn. Soon enough I was snatching up coins and hopping across lily pads.

Even though this game features new moves and different worlds, the classic Frogger elements are still alive and well. Enemies walk in haphazard patterns across your path and you have to maneuver quickly to avoid them. I was entertained for the levels I played. Enjoy the Frogger fun!

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