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Icemat-Siberia-.jpgThe Icemat Siberia Headset provides pretty righteous sound, but it has a few comfort issues.

The headset comes with a uni-directional mic, which you can clip to the screen or to your shirt. Also included is a volume regulator on a 1.8 meter (about 6 foot) cord. The extra-long cord gives you plenty of slack to work with, or you can unplug it from the volume adjuster if you want to cut down on cord length. Also included is a mini-jack to plug into consumer audio outputs (MP3 players, laptops, radios, and so on), and an extra-wide 6.3mm (about 1/4 inch) jack to hook up to professional audio equipment.

Sound quality is excellent, crisp and rich. But Icemataudio seems to have skimped on cushioning. When I left the headphones on for a long time, my ears started to ache. Otherwise it’s great for music, movies, and of course, gaming; and the separate mic would be perfect for VoIP.

Icemat sells the Siberia in white or black for $79.99.

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