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new cool best high technology gadgets gift usb aroma fragrance oil burnerProduct: USB Aroma Fragrance Oil Burner

Description: Fancy a little fragrance in your cube world? Then try the USB Aroma Fragrance Oil Burner.

How It Works: Fill the burner with fragrance oil or scented pastille, connect it to your computer’s USB port, power on, and voila! You’ll be taking in some sweet smells. The LED indicator will glow red so you know it’s on.

Performance: We used the included scented pastille to test the burner. It takes about a good 35 minutes until the pastille is completely melted inside the burner. But after only 15 minutes, I began to smell the fragrance. It’s not an overwhelming smell either, so you won’t be bothering co-workers with allergies near you. What if you accidentally knock your hand into the burner? The burner comes with a safety plastic cover that goes over the oil to prevent your most embarassing spills. Just to make sure nothing does spill out, I knocked the burner with my hand a few times and thankfully I saved my cube from any immediate wax damage. But make sure you turn it off before you leave work; I wouldn’t want to leave this running overnight since the burner does get pretty warm.

Overall: If you love candles and incense burners but don’t want the mess, I strongly recommend getting this USB burner to geek your cube!

Buy the USB Aroma Fragrance Oil Burner for $19. Includes one scented pastille. Need to stock up on some fragrance oils? Check out Natures Garden. You’ll find aromas like Apple Cinnamon, Fresh Cut Grass, and Mint Mango Tea from $2.50 and up.

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