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new cool best high technology gadgets gift Push Pin LampProduct: Push Pin Lamp by 

Description: The Push Pin Lamp is a giant-sized push pin with a cork bottom to pin-up your most important notes or reminders. The lamp measures 19cm x 19cm x 39cm. Choose from red, orange, blue or green.

How It Works: was nice enough to send us the blue Push Pin Lamp. To light up the lamp, just press down on the top of the push pin. To power off, press down again. Unfortunately, the bulb isn’t included, so you’re going to have to travel to Home Depot or another hardware store to find the right bulb. It uses a 25-Watt Type B bulb. I went to the Home Depot here in Manhattan and picked up a Philips 25W blunt tip candelabra base bulb.

Performance: There’s really not much to say about its performance, other than it lights great! However, I wish that the blue shading of the lamp was darker, because you can see the bulb right through the lamp, and it’s a little distracting. You may be better off with a blue light bulb if you can find the right size. The top of the lamp does get rather hot when you’re turning it off, so hands beware!

Overall: Everyone here at the office loves this lamp! It definitely looks geeky sitting in my cube. It’s a must-have for any office geek.

The Push Pin Lamp sells for $19.99 at

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