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Product: Jabra BT160 Customizable Bluetooth Headset

new cool best high technology gadgets gift Jabra BT160
Description: This Bluetooth headset is made for the fashion-conscious crowd. And who doesn’t love to customize their stuff?

How It Works: The Jabra BT160 is easy to use. It pairs easily with Bluetooth-enabled phones, and hooks on either ear comfortably. The headset uses Bluetooth 1.2 with a range of up to 30 feet. Claimed talk time is 8 hours, but also depends on your phone, of course. There is a button on the headset for answering and ending your call, and if your phone supports it, you can redial the last number you called, reject a call and more. 

But enough with the tech specs. To change designs, you just snap out the plastic cover (there’s a little space at the top to grab it with your fingernail). Then you take the design plate out and replace it with any of 33 design covers.

Performance: Changing designs was super easy, and once I snapped the plastic cover, it stayed in its place. Sound quality was good–not too compressed or tunnely-sounding. One of my tests involved calling myself at the office from home and leaving a voicemail. I was impressed with how it blocked out the background noise when I was speaking. (And I had the TV on really loud.) The earpiece felt comfortable both around my outer ear and inside–and my teeny ears usually have trouble with ear buds and any sort of in-ear device. (Apple’s iPod earbuds kill me!)

Overall: I don’t use Bluetooth headsets much, and I would NEVER walk around wearing one all the time. No one’s that frickin popular. That said, I would consider purchasing this set. It’s not boring or corporate looking, and it fits well and comfortably. And of course the selection of designs is a lot of fun.

The Jabra BT160 is available from Hello Direct for $59.99 which includes all 33 designs, a great deal. (I was afraid they’d make you buy them separately.) I do hope they come out with more, or even allow users to create their own. As Jabra says: “Style it. Wear it. Love it.”

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