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new cool best high technology gadgets gift Cube World Digital Stick PeopleEvery geek gets tired (like this one today), so take a break from your hectic work day to play!

Product: Cube World Digital Stick People

Description: I was shipped the Series 1 “Scoop” and “Slim” Cube World Digital Stick People (shown on the right, the purple and orange cubes). Scoop is a dog lover who likes walks on the beach and enjoys Becks’ Oktoberfest beer. Okay, so I made the last two parts up, but he does love dogs. You can watch him play fetch with his dog or watch him try to move the walls of his cube. Slim interacts with a stick. I’m not sure what kind of stick it is, but it’s a long one. He does pull-ups (I was impressed) on the stick and he’ll perform the occassional karate tricks. Each cube offers a single game, too.

How It Works: Each cube has three controls. The left control button is for sound on/off; middle control button is for power, to select the stick game, and to play the stick game; right control button is for retrieving your high score. The object of the Slim cube’s game is to pull up on the stick to avoid creatures coming at you. Once you hit a creature, the game is over. The object of the Scoop cube’s game is to prevent your dog from getting the ball in your hand. You lose when the dog gets the ball.

Performance: I preferred the Slim game over the Scoop game. It’s much more entertaining to avoid the creatures coming at you then to constantly have to go up and down to avoid the dog from getting a ball; the game drags on forever that way! It took me about ten minutes to figure out how to use the controls to play the game, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

You can also annoy each cubie by turning his cube over. He’ll fall to the ground, shake his head, and cry! The most exciting component of the cubes is that you can interact with each one. Connect each cube together (they’ll stick together through magnetism), then watch one cubie knock on the door and enter the other’s cube! My co-workers and I got a kick out of watching them fight to the death! But if you remove one cube from the other, they’ll disappear and go back to their own cubes.

Overall: If you’re looking for some no-brainer fun during your lunch breaks, then try these Cube World People! I found them quite entertaining!

ThinkGeek sells the Cube World Digital Stick People sets for $30. You’ll get two cube world people in each set. Series 2 and 3 are now available. Batteries included.

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