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Zombies are scary. So are ghosts. Especially scary are zombie ghosts–that’s when a zombie dies but still feels it has unresolved zombie work to do on Earth OR when a regular ghost gets bitten by a zombie and spends its time looking for ghost brains to eat.

It’s all almost too scary and complicated to think about.

But if you want really scary this Halloween, I have three words for you: massive debilitating injury. Nothing is scarier than being reminded about the frailty of the human condition. I spend way more time contemplating plane crashes, undiagnosed tumors, and falling branches than I do about the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

And that’s the brilliance of this costume, which actually dates back to 2006. One former A/V club president designed a way to use a simple digital camera and travel DVD player to make it appear as if he has a gaping wound in his abdomen. The digital camera is strapped to his back capturing the action behind him, the image transmits to the DVD screen in the front, creating the gaping hole effect. It’s actually kind of brilliant. And, with the advance of technology in just the last four years, it’s probably a lot easier and cheaper to do in 2010.

Way more frightening than a ghost zombie.

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