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Dude. Those headphones are totally rad. Do the kids still talk that way on the slopes? If so, you could hear that in reference to a new line of headphones and earbuds designed by a group of seven pro-snowboarding friends — one of who is Olympic medal-winning Scott Lago. The hip-looking earphones range in price from $29.95 for earbuds, to $59.95 for headphones.

These earphones are rugged, and have been tested by the Frends crew for durability. According to Frends, “We test our gear on the mountain, at the party, in the Jacuzzi, in the mean streets–we make sure that by the time you get a product from Frends, it’s perfect. We don’t want to look like chumps, so we’ve made sure our products are legit. Nothing’s worse than when a friend lets you down, and here at Frends–that just doesn’t happen.”

Nothing is worse than when a friend lets you down. How true. Frends headphones come in four different styles, and in a variety of designs for each style. The Classic, and the Alli are both headphones, though the Classic covers more of the ear (see photo above). The Coupe, and the Clip are earbuds. Every Frends headphones feature the brand’s custom mic, which works as a play/pause feature in addition; and a fabric cord, which alleviates the frustrating cord-tangle problem that so many of us have suffered from.

Frends believes in using earth-friendly materials. “Using recycled corrugated cardboard and biodegradable plastic helps to satisfy our tree-hugging inner neo-hippy souls,” the group said on its site.

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