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I love to cook, but I have to admit that I’m pretty well known as a klutz in the kitchen. I’ve burned myself several times and set more fires in the kitchen than I’d like to count. Luckily for me, none of those fires were serious and were easily put out by smothering them or a handy fire extinguisher.

Even so, I worry that someday I might meet my fiery match, and if that day comes, hopefully I’ll have Fire Fighting Flowers to save the day. When not needed, the flowers are mounted on magnets and make for attractive refrigerator decorations,. Should a fire break out in your frying pan or wok while cooking, just grab the fire fighting lilies off of the fridge and toss them directly into the heart of the flames and they’ll douse them in a matter of moments.

The secret is the makeup of the flower heads: according to a translated version of the Japanese product page, the flower bulbs are highly alkaline and are made up of a carbonate material similar to baking soda and a powered thickener that will bind the hot oils and make the entire mixture less flammable, removing the fuel the fire is using to burn.

Currently the fire fighting flowers are only available in Japan, for the equivalent of about $34, but I hope we’ll see similar products using this kind of technology over here in the future.

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