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A while back, I visited an old friend of mine and she wanted some help moving the data from her old computer to a new laptop. We couldn’t pull out the old hard drive and connect it to the laptop and she didn’t have a router at home so we couldn’t set up a home network. We were stuck, until I suggested heading out and grabbing a crossover cable from our local electronics store to directly connect the two computers and transfer the data between them.

In hindsight, I should been carrying the Ethernet Crossover Adapter on my keychain. Small enough to carry around with you on any keychain or in your pocket, the crossover adapter plugs directly into the end of any regular cat-5 network cable and has the wiring to make it a crossover cable. After the adapter is connected to one end of the cable, just plug the adapter end into one computer and the other cable end into the other computer to have an instant crossover connection, and you’re ready to transfer data between the two connected computers.

The adapter is gigabit, too, so it won’t slow down your data transfer, and since it fits right on a keychain, you don’t have to carry a crossover cable around with you. It’s only $6.99, and comes with a small chain to clip to your bag, keychain, or backpack. Just think of all the geek cred that carrying this handy little device will give you.

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