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If you’re as skeptical as I am and want to know whether the person you’re talking to is lying, the DeFiBulator Portable Lie Detector is the gadget for you. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and sports a crisp LCD display to show you the truth from the lies. The manufacturers claim that the DeFIBulator can measure stress, tension, excitement and variations in a person’s voice to determine whether or not they’re telling the truth, and give you immediate feedback based on the person’s speech.

After you set a baseline by asking your subject three yes or no questions, you can launch into your interrogation and the DeFIBulator will analyze the differences between the person’s answers and the baseline to see if the person is lying. When the DeFIBulator is convinced someone is lying, the “Demonochio” on screen looks more and more devious- his nose starts growing and horns sprout out of his head to indicate that the speaker is being less than honest. The DeFIBulator can even be connected to your cell phone so you can interrogate people remotely.

Okay, the DeFIBulator isn’t guaranteed to work at all and there’s no way to be sure that your subject really is telling the truth or lying; it’s for amusement only. Consider it a “truthiness” detector, if nothing else, and at $39.99, it’s not going to replace the polygraph test anytime soon. Regardless, it makes for a fun party prop to see if that friend who got to the party three hours late was really stuck in traffic or if he hit a bar before hand.

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