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new cool best high technology gadgets gift Digital Life TV -- OQO Model 01+A few weeks back, I casually mentioned to Patrick Norton (defined on wikipedia, interestingly enough), the host of Digital Life TV, that I thought the OQO Model 01+ (also here on Engadget) looked slick.  He laughed.  And, then challenged me to use the Model 01+ exclusively, ditching my laptop, for the period of one week.  Never being one to turn down a challenge, I accepted, packed up my ThinkPad x40, and docked the O1+ with my 19 inch monitor and full-size keyboard. 

The first day, I soared through my email, edited a story, and surfed the web (do we ever do real work here at GearLog?).  On the second day, which turned out to be a Saturday, I again surfed the web casually and wrote/read some mail.  “Ha ha,” I thought, “that blasted Norton was wrong.  I can use it for a week.  No problem.”  On Sunday, all went well again — though, I was just surfing a few online newspapers.

Come Monday morning, I called Patrick and, having been laughed at the week before, I laughed back.  And then…  Monday struck.  I was swamped in email, had to write an article on a tight deadline, and needed to Photoshop a few digital photos for a product review.  No matter how hard it tried, the Model 01+’s little Transmeta Crusoe processor just couldn’t keep up.  I cursed it continually as the deadlines crept closer, but deep in my heart I knew the truth.  The Model 01+ is an extremely powerful portable, but when it’s docked at my desk, it’s truly an underpowered laptop.  (And for close to $2000, shouldn’t it be much more?) 

Tune in to Digital Life TV tonight (Tuesday, 10/25/2005), live at 9pm eastern, to see my review of the OQO Model 01+, and probably see Patrick get the last laugh.  If you miss it, it’ll be at DL.TV available for progressive download tomorrow morning.  (They bill me as PC Magazine, as I also work there.)

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