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We at Gearlog love democracy and electronics–but above all, as evidenced by the buzzing, blinking, and quacking objects we’ve accumulated in our cubes over the years, we’re suckers for a good paperweight. In the wake of what will surely prove to be one of the most important elections of our lifetimes, this story has it all: A gadget, a paperweight, and a passionate but slightly confused member of the American electorate.

According to The Morning Call, 43-year-old Allentown resident Michael Young unleashed his fury on an expensive voting machine’s screen yesterday, around 12:30 pm. Young, a registered Independent reportedly believed that the voting machines were the harbingers of election day shenanigans perpetrated by the Republican party. Silent for the duration of his machine raging, Young destroyed the $5,000 piece of equipment using the paperweight cat’s ears. He immediately sat down afterwards, waiting to be arrested and generally appearing remorseful, according to witnesses. Listed in stable condition after checking into an area Office Max, the cat was unavailable for comment.

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