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new cool best high technology gadgets gift fm-transmitter-black.jpgC.Crane’s Digital FM Transmitter is on sale this week. It usually sells for $69.95 but is now $59.95, with free shipping. You can plug the transmitter into pretty much anything that a) makes noise and b) has a headphone jack. C.Crane says it will transmit to FM radios up to 70 feet away, but that’s a liberal estimate.

The FM transmitter can be used anywhere, allowing your iPod, Media Center, PC, CD player, XM, etc., to play in other rooms of your home. I’ve used mine to allow my shortwave and public safety receivers can be heard upstairs when I am working in one of the bedrooms. It works great with my Tivoli Audio PAL receiver.

This device is “digital” only in the sense that you can select–digitally–the FM frequency to use. Other than that, it’s regular analog FM that can be received, in stereo, by any FM radio. Being able to select the frequency is important if you need to avoid local FM stations that would interfere with this flea-powered transmitter. You can choose any frequency between 88 and 108 MHz. The range isn’t always as far as I like, but that’s really the worst thing I can say about this device, which is manufactured for C.Crane by Sangean.

The unit runs off two AA batteries or an included wall wart power supply. It’s available in three colors: Silver, white, or the always-appropriate black. There is an optional mobile accessory kit ($29.95, free shipping) that includes a vent mount, power adapter, and cigarette lighter “splitter” cable.

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