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A Japanese research group recently created a prototype for a “gaming system” utilizing a camera synced with a portable projector. The gizmo projects an adorable little cartoon character (it is Japanese after all) who reacts with the 2D world he is projected on to. For example, if you jerk the projection up, he acts like he’s flying. But also he will “walk” along a bold horizontal line or climb down a zig-zag.

As you may have already concluded, at this point in its development, this game is pretty lame (from a gaming point of view).

However, it shows one of the branches in the developing field of Augmented Reality. Many people are developing AR in terms of personal electronic devices–iPhones, iPads, things with “i” in front of them–in the form of Google Goggles, QR codes, etc. This is the on-screen category (also including the inevitable rise of glasses).

But there’s also people developing AR with projected content.

In the battle of projected vs. on-screen augmented realities, on-screen wins hands-down. Projected AR has zero practicality for individuals (mostly due to the ever-present problem of lookey-loos). For everyday use, a hand-held device are the way to go. Projected AR might be useful in group settings like presentations, marketing to pedestrians, or tour groups. But aside from that, do you really want strangers to be all up in your to-do list and Google searches? 

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