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new cool best high technology gadgets gift Kindle 2.jpgAmazon’s decision to open the Kindle up to developers is a good, if late, idea. Clearly another response to the upcoming Apple tablet, the Kindle SDK could turn the mostly single-use device into a multifaceted source of entertainment.

Or not.

One of the reasons I love the Kindle is that it doesn’t try to do too much. I rarely use any of the experimental features Amazon built for it because, frankly, they stink. Web browsing on the Kindle is a painful experience. The browser can barely handle simple HTML and the screen refresh simply isn’t designed to handle the interactivity found on Web sites.

So what will developers do with the Kindle SDK? Already a couple, such as Handmark and Zagat, are building apps and games for the Kindle. Electronics Art’s mobile division is promising big things, too. Still, it’s a limited platform. It has a slow-to-update black-and-white E Ink screen, a zippy 3G Whispernet, speakers, a keyboard, and firm control buttons. Is there any hardware inside that Amazon hasn’t turned on? I hope so.

In any event, I asked my Twitter followers what apps they’d like to see developed for the Kindle. Perhaps because the Kindle hardware is so limited, I got just a few suggestions. I’ve added some ideas I heard around the office, as well as a few of my own.

Twitter Client: This one’s so obvious, I wish I’d thought of it. You have a keyboard, so you can easily tweet, and the screen doesn’t have to refresh any more than the standard Twitter page does. I think it could work. Thanks Twitter friend Jaberm”.

Book Recommendation App: Jaberm’s other idea is a bit thin. Amazon already gives me tons of suggestions for my Kindle, based on who’s reading what and on what I’ve shopped for and downloaded to my Kindle.

Sudoku: I’ve never mastered this game, but I know people who are obsessed with it. It could work, though I don’t know how well the screen and controls will help you add and then replace numbers.

Recipe Finder: There are recipe books on Kindle, but this one would be set up like your tin full of personal recipes, complete with virtual cards that you can flip through. It’ll also let you set aside favorite recipes and print via Wi-Fi to a home printer.

Etch-a-Sketch: The black-and-white nature of the E Ink screen and the tiny joystick seems well suited to this task. There’s no accelerometer–that I know of–in the Kindle, so you can’t shake away the image, but surely you can “next page” it from sight.

Virtual Post-It Notes: Really just a rudimentary reminder. It would let you type in notes and store them on 2-inch-square virtual Post-It notes. You could then choose their configuration on the screen and access them by going to Home and clicking on the app. They would have alarms set that would use the Kindle’s speakers to sound the alarm and automatically bring the past-due Post-it to the forefront of your e-ink screen.

Piano: You’ve got speakers and a lot of buttons, Use them to make music, which the Kindle will record as proper musical notations. Yes, you can record, play back, and print out the music later.

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