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new cool best high technology gadgets gift comix dvd 1.JPGThanks to product review coordinator PJ Jacobowitz for this review!

In the spirit of the upcoming 2006 Comic-con, I present to you every comic-book geek’s dream: 485 Uncanny X-Men comics on one DVD.  

Take a moment to catch your breath. hooked us up with this little gem. It houses high-resolution PDF scans of original comics, advertisements and all, from September, 1963, all the way to August, 2005. 

To put the PDF quality to the test, I popped the DVD into one of Joel’s gaming desktops, which was hooked up to a Dell 30-inch LCD and running a desktop resolution of 2,560 by 1,600. Man, did the images hold up to the test. The quality is excellent, and you can zoom in very close.

The DVD autoloads to a PDF clickable menu, where you can choose the decade you’d like to start reading. The simple menu system means you can find the comic you’re looking for in seconds.

Ready for the best part?  It costs only $39.99. Boo-yah! But you already knew that, because after reading my first paragraph, you immediately purchased it along with the other flavors it comes in: 40 Years of The Amazing Spiderman, 44 Years of Fantastic Four, and 40 Years of The Avengers. According to the manufacturer, GIT Corp., more are on the way.

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