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A USD41 millions investment for network and transport shuttle has driven London’s Heathrow Airport to publicly test out the first completed automate public shuttle system. The called ULTra futuristic public transporter is a 4 passengers shuttle to take passenger from Airport to Terminal 5 parking lots.


The personal rapid transport (PRT) vehicles are computerized machine that could be operated through the touchscreen monitor. Set the destination you want and you could leave the rest to the automated shuttle. Just sit back nicely while the vehicle drive you through the specially constructed mini-roads at 40 kilometres an hour to your choice of destination.


If the test out is successful, the 18-shuttle system will be expanded to allow more air travelers to reach local hotels without any need of traditional taxis.


And though it all sounds fine and dandy. But there are other questions remain on the unemployement of taxi or public bus drivers, administrative clerk and so much related labour in the transportation industry.


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