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The latest gadget to turn up in the Geeky Gadgets office, is the Sony  SRS-GU10iP  iPod/iPhone Dock, so I thought it was about time to test it out and see how well it performs with my iPod and iPhone.

The SRS-GU10iP  is a standalone speaker dock designed to be used with your iPhone or iPod, it has a nice sleek gloss black finish, and a simple yet stylish design.

cool-best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-Sony SRS-GU10iP

Your iPhone sits in front of the speaker, and the iPhone dock and speaker are integrated into one, it comes with a remote, which lets you control your iPhone or iPod.

cool-best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-Sony SRS-GU10iP

The remote control is pretty good it lets you navigate though menus, play, pause, skip and select tracks, and it even lets you select the shuffle function on your iPod or iPhone, which is pretty handy.

cool-best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-Sony SRS-GU10iP

The sound quality is pretty good, the speaker is capable of pumping out a maximum of 20w, and whilst this isn’t enough to annoy the neighbours with, it does a good job a filling the room.

If you want to add a little more bass, the Sony SRS-GU10iP has a built in bass boost function, on top of that there is also a 3.5mm audio jack which lets you plug in other Mp3 players and audio devices.

The Sony SRS-GU10iP is compatible with all iPods and both models of the iPhone, and it came with a bunch of adapters for each one.

Overall I would say that the Sony SRS-GU10iP, is a pretty decent dock for the iPhone or iPod, it is definitely good value for money at $149.95, and the sound quality is good compared to some more expensive docks that we have tested.

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