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new latest best top high technology cool gadgets intel reader Intel Reader: gadget that able change writing to be sound (Text to Speech)

Intel Reader is a gadget that able change the writing on the book to be sound, so we do not need to read the letters very difficult to read (small letter). Working principle is similar to a scanner that is changing the image that contains the text into a digital text or that we know called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) but from this digital text, Intel Reader will turn it into sound (Text to Speech).

It’s easy, through a 5 MP camera that is, we take a photo book that will be read than Intel Reader will automatically transform it into digital text and sound (MP3 format). By the time we play the sound for the existing text result, this tool will display the text on the screen size 4.3 inch and reading speed can be set. Intel Reader uses Intel Atom processor with a SSD disk capacity 4 GB which 2 GB has been used for the purposes of operating system (the rest live to accommodate the 2 GB file).

With the remaining 2 GB is, we can store about 600 pages (in the form of images and text) or 500,000 pages that contain only text only. Intel Reader uses lithium battery 6-cells that can be used for 4 hours while the size of about 13.6 x 16.5 x 3.3 cm). Unfortunately, that tool is useful for the blind or who have difficulty readingĀ  are quite expensive sold in the price $1500.

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