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I have talked a few posts ago, the PlayStation Move, controller similar to Nintendo for Wiimote home To Play the Wii.

For those who need the basics, the PlayStation Move motion sensitive, which is different for Wimmote through the final ball. The sub-controller is an off-controller for some games that require more movement. The controller connects to the PS3 with the help of the PlayStation Eye camera, which detects the movement of the ball while moving tilt sensors transmit position data to the PS3.

There are fundamental differences with the Wiimote:

A fewkeys: Move the controller is more streamlined than the Wii Remote. Nintendo offers a d-pad, button +, A, Select, 1, 2, and a button B. Move button has its home and five buttons. Thing that could make life easy for new players who do not have much dimistichezza with too many buttons.

Not kill thebatteries: The Wiimote really sucks the life AA batteries. The Move and his companion are rechargeable via the same mini USB connection used to load the main controller of the PS3.

An intelligentcontroller: who has never played in a third-person shooter with the Wii and the controller pointed at the TV like a gun but very far from the TV may sometimes be left stunned. Many times small enough movements to exit out of the field of sensors. The combination of sensors and dell’Eyetoy Sony on top of the TV, which detects the presence of movement and prevent a gyroscope that there are great possibilities for error.

Nowiring: The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are linked together by a short cable. Move and its controller for the PS3 are not.

No off-handgyroscope: The PS3 version of the Nunchuk, it has a motion sensor. There is a possibility that is not definitive. This is why boxing games with two hands were shown with two moves.

Coloredball: The ball color is the thing that the PlayStation Eye used to detect the presence of motion. The software of the ball changes color according to the background in which we find ourselves, so as not to be confused.

Z: Without the Wii MotionPlus, the Wii Remote can not accurately track the movements.The PS3 is able to detect such movements in the variable Z through the ball to the end of the controller. If the player moves, the PlayStation Eye camera sees the ball and then recognizes that the controller has been moved to the line Z.

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