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One being the nexus of HTC, smartphone loved by Linus Torvalds equal to HTC Desire except some minor changes, certainly does not make sense for you to write a review devoted to Desire. Wrong instead. HTC Sense, as well as Adobe Flash and support for the optical trackpad make the experience much different Hct Desire.

Comparing with the Nexus One Desire (mistake of Google) you realize that both phones have a screen WVGA 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, similar size (though the Nexus One is more subtle, and has the soft-keys touch), running Android 2.1, and include 5.0-megapixel camera with LED flash. One of the main attractions is the fact that both phones have a Qualcomm processor at 1GHz Snapdragon QSD, so they are extremely fast to use. Desire not find the active noise cancellation, but has more RAM (576 MB) compared to 512 of the Nexus One.

The addition of HTC Sense is worth everything. Unless you have already installed the ROM of your senses Nexus One, you can never understand what feelings may give you the Desire compared to the Nexus One.

Desire expresses the true design HTC. Slightly rubber and metal, with silver keys and a slim bezel. The virtual keyboard is very sensitive due to the touchscreen and a single light touch could you write about everything.

Support for Adobe Flash Lite 10.1. This means that websites with embedded video will be visible in the Android browser, or browser of Flash (which opens when you click on a video). First of all video sites are YouTube, with videos in full screen, which make you feel like you’re working the YouTube dedicated to all Android phones (and iPhone).

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