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Yep, you heard it right. Finally after quite a while, the “BIG FISH” that we have been waiting for has swum all the way to our cyber-fishing zone and it’s currently available at your nearest pc express shop for a price of 7,720 php. Equipped with all the latest tweaks, this predator release is a must have for people who loves to download HD-movies or play bombastic hardcore games; likewise, the said release claims that it has a built-in 32mb internal cache… Wait a minute, say that again?  Hard-disk now has built-in internal memory too? Oh this just keeps getting better and better!

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Seagate promises to reduce the time of transferring big chunks of files from storages alike. With a 120mb/second transfer rate using their latest “baracuda intel firmware”, this will bring a whole new meaning to external HD’s in the Philippines. Imagine transferring a movies as big as 10GB for 1 minute only? I bet it’s even faster than you, drinking your hot mocha java every morning. Not only that! with an instant warranty of five years, who needs to throw their hard disk when a rat mischievously pees in their HD cables?

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Still not satisfied? here are the specification coming from the mouth of seagate manufacturers.

Seagate has a proven track record of consistently delivering reliable products in volume, and the new Barracuda 7200.11 family is no exception. Designed with up to four platters and the only second-generation perpendicular recording technology in the industry, the Barracuda 7200.11 drive offers the ideal balance of world-class technology and value, providing customers with an optimal overall solution. The capacity, reliability and performance of this drive ensure the longevity of digital content for years to come.

Key Features and Benefits

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Delivers the industry’s highest capacity—up to 1.5 TB of storage (also available in  1 TB , 750, 640, 500, 320 and 160 GB)

Ships with the industry’s most reliable and proven perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology

Delivers high performance

Up to 120 MB/s sustained data rate

32-MB and 16-MB cache buffer (8 MB on 160 GB)

Environmentally friendly

Consumes up to 43 percent less power during idle than previous products, enabling customers to build low-power systems

Meets strict RoHS environmental requirements

Leverages best combination of technology (areal density, PMR) and proven components for volume availability

Technical features for GEEKS!

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