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No more messy wax. No more wasted money spent on candles that you buy to take home and burn – that’s like burning actual money. Think OXO Candela in and around the house. On the bedside, at the BBQ, on the windowsill or on the patio, Candela is practical for everyday use but unique enough for special occasions. Portable and cordless, Candela lends a festive accent to parties and enhances the cozy atmosphere of a quiet evening at home. OXO Candela is innovative LED portable lighting that stays lit for eight hours, is cool to the touch, and provides soothing ambient light for a wide variety of settings from lighting a dinner party or bath, to a child’s room or guest room. OXO Candela is an LED rechargeable light that takes what your love about candles and makes it better. Candela is brighter than a candle, won’t blow out in the wind, automatically illuminates when lifted from the base and can left unattended. Candela illuminates automatically when removed from the patented charging system or if there is a loss of electricity. When placed on the base, it automatically recharges for the next use. Candela is a sustainable and hassle-free solution that ensures years of enjoyment without the inconvenience of frequent battery changes, the hunt for matches or mounds of messy wax. Pack includes 4 LED lights with rechargeable batteries and charging base.


    Set of 4 votive-sized lights features cool, bright LED technology
    Cordless and portable for maximum flexibility
    8 hours of run time after full charge
    Auto-illuminates when removed from the charger base and charges automatically when replaced
    Reliable and safe for indoor and outdoor use

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