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It is almost the end of another week here at Geeky Gadgets, this week we have seen a ton of cool new gadgets and gizmo’s.

As usual in our hunt for the geekiest gadgets there has been a lot of cool gadgets that we just didn’t have the time to feature,so here is our round up of the coolest gadgets, gizmos, geeky gear and cool stuff that we missed this week.


Camangi WebStation Android OS Based Tablet

Geeky Yoda Cake Will Make Star Wars Geeks Salivate

Atari adds an arcade to its webpage

NecroMac — A Very Egyptian Computer Mod

Lifeguard Personal Breath Alcohol Tester uses fuel cell

Nao offers next-gen household humanoid robot

Save the Princess (and Electricity) with a Magnetic Mario Set

The smartbook patent trolls are selling a $3000 netbook

Get Your Hands on a Non-Functioning WETA Ray Gun

Bionic eye implant lets a man see again, just partially for now

Beware Wet Pixels

LG X120 netbook comes to America with AT&T

USB Sonar Speaker

Download Google Chrome OS now: Here are the links…

Upgrading Your Notebook Hard Drive To An SSD Tutorial

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