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In the computer era when more space is required with each and every day it was no wonder to see Solid State Drives, or SSD if you prefer with higher capacity. This time Patriot, a well know player from California has announced their new range of SDD with capacity up to 256 GB.


The new Zephyr series from Patriot are coming with capacity from 64GB to 256GB and they should provide reading speed of 240 MB/s for all their models. As for writing speed, it will vary depending on the models capacity. That way 64 GB model will have 85MB/s writing speed, 145MB/s for 128 GB model and 180MB/s for 256 GB model. All drives come with 3 year warranty so you won’t have to worry about your files stored on these drives.

Thanks to the controller level cache of 64MB DDR2 these models should provide solid performance without any stuttering. As the people from Patriot say about their Zephyr models they should support TRIM command from Windows 7 which will allow expanding the lifespan of the hard drives by cutting down amount of data to be deleted and by deleting required data in advance. Also creators claim that the new Zephyr SSD will boot up quicker and it will start applications faster than ordinary hard drives.

What to expect from these 2.5 inch drives? Well, since they have no moving parts they should last more than ordinary disc which makes them perfect for notebooks and laptops, but no release date or price has been released yet.

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