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Transcript below taken from the video demo not my point of view, you have been told. It is provided in case you do not have access to Windows or X Windows, so you still can read it via text browser such lynx.

1. You will need a custom firmware psp (mine is 3.30 OE-A) and a psp-290GPS
2. And you will also need four files gmdl0.4.16b, 3[1].30-OE-A_prx, MapThis0499_beta, and mapViewer_v03.
3. Connect PSP to computer
4. Now go to your psp’s game folder
5. Open mapviewer now
6. Go to 1.5 folder
7. Highlight both folders and drag to your psp/game folder
8. Ok now its there
9. Now check and make sure its in the psp/game folder (as we can see i have it in the correct folder)
10. Now open Mapthis
11. Go to the psp-290 eboot folder
12. Copy the eboot into the psp/game/mapviewer folder without the % replace the eboot with this one
13. Now copy the system folder from MapThis and put it into the mapviewer folder (replace the old one with this one by clicking yes to all)
14. Now go to psp/game/mapviewer folder and delete the maps that are already in the map folder (they are the default maps in the map this program you dont need it)
15. Now open the 3[1].30-OE-A_prx file and take the two .prx and put it into the psp/game/mapviewer folder (.prx file allows you to view maps without the GPS)
16. Now open the gmdl0.4.16b go to the bin folder and extract the debug folder put it somewhere you can find it again),
17. Inside the folder is Global Map Download tool program open it now.
18. Zoom on the area you want
19. When you are ready press preview to see the area you selected
20. Next name your map but make sure it start with “_” in my case i name it _homearea
21. Now click download map
22. Something will pop up now click on the ares you dont want and the zoom you dont want
23. When you ready click the long button to start creating the map, now it generating the map
24. The generated map will be inside the debug folder
25. I am going to use a make i made before
26. Take the map you made and put it inside the psp/game/mapviewer/maps folder
27. Now load the program (on psp)
28. Open the file
29. Look its the O’Hare airport
30. I am not showing you how to POI’s right now may be later
31. POI’s are point of interest and directions
32. now installing the GPS device
33. press the square to turn GPS on
34. now press start the GPS info to see how many GPS are locked on (in my case i have no GPS locked. sometime it takes a long time to lock on)

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