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Remember the day when watching TV was a simple procedure? If you didn’t like what was on, you would turn the channel. Nowadays, everything seems a bit clustered with the hundreds of channels being offered and figuring what you want to watch can be a cumbersome task. Enter Google TV, a web content platform for your living room that is currently being produced by Google, Intel and Sony.

So just what can you expect from this new endeavor? Using Google search and software that functions with cable and web content to locate and display anything you want. You are most likely already using your computer to watch movies and shows, and you can get to them quite freely whenever you desire, by simply typing in what you wish to view…this is the idea behind Google TV. Google is willing to bet that you would rather view your favorite shows on your TV, which has a much bigger screen than your computer.

All this comes to fcool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-ruition by simply plugging an HDMI cable into a little device or contraption that sits next to your HD/TV. Logitech will be supplying the device, which is called the companion box and will consist of a creative controller that combines the features of the TV remote and a traditional computer keyboard that will deepen the Google TV experience.

This is not in comparison to Apple TV, which may look similar, but is a completely different beast. Apple TV’s livelihood sits comfortable behind the renting and downloading of movies or TV shows, whereas Google TV has the ability to do so much more.

According to, Google TV is going to be a simple overlay that’s covers your screen, in which you can pull up a searchable interface to find whatever would like to watch. In simpler terms, it will resemble the Google search bar you have on your computer and will replace the TV guide you are currently using. One of the great features of this device is, say, for example, you miss your favorite TV show; Google will bring up a web browser (Chrome) on your TV and give you options of where you can watch the show over the internet.

Another exciting feature behind Google TV is Flash support. Google promises that Flash support will be provided in order to play games and stream music sites such as Pandora. Google TV will also be running the Android operating system,and be able to run Android apps on your TV.

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