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If you consider yourself a spy, this is a must item. Or if you would possible like to be arrested, this could be an option. The Under Door Remote Viewing Kit. That long snout looking thing is the section that is used to slide under the door. It can fit in a space less than a quarter of an inch. The field of view is 55 Degrees, which means you can see from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. And it also has a right angle adapter which allows you to view the back of the door, so you can see what type of devices like locks are installed. The system also has night vision, for those dark rooms. In order to view what is inside the room, you can use the attachable eye piece adapter, or you can attach a hand held monitor, optionally, which uses a video camera. Also available is an infrared LED emitter that boosts light levels. No pricing is available. I would think that this device could get you into a lot of trouble, if you use it illegally, or without extreme caution. There are privacy laws out there that probably prohibit devices such as these. But anyway, it is a cool gadget with some very sweet technology. So if you are sitting in your living room one night, and notice a snout-like thing sliding under your door, don’t get the pest spray. Call the police.

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