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If you have OCD, and are interested in a super clean surface, free of any type of gunk that you would not approve of, than this gadget is for you. Its the Superheated Steam Cleaner and it looks sort of like some kind of bird head. How do you use the darn thing? You ask. Well, let me tell you. You aim the “beak” of the bird like thing at the stain or spot in question, and pull (or squeeze) the trigger. A hot stream of pressurized steam sprays the area and then the user must wait three minutes before using the high heat to clean whatever he or she wants. The cleaner is suppose to be very good for places that attract a lot of bacteria and germs like counter tops and toilet bowls.

“The handheld model includes 10 accessories including an extension hose, detail brush, angled nozzle, upholstery tool, window squeegee, detail nozzle, cotton cloth, refilling container, storage bag, as well as 6.75 ounces of antibacterial solution.” Cost is about $100.

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