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I think it’s a good idea to get young children comfortable with handling electronic devices before they actually put their hands on them. That way, they can understand that they have to be careful with such devices. This “toy” can help them do just that. The OUiP! (Optimized Universal Interface Platform!, pronounced as “(h)wip”), an intuitive, interactive technology interface for children. It is a handheld electronic device powered by any motion from swinging to shaking. It has no buttons on it, but any movement will cause the images on the device to change, emitting vibrations and sounds. “For example, if there is an image of a cow displayed, that will be accompanied by the sound of mooing to cue your child in his/her learning. In addition, it is kinetically powered so each time the device is moved or shaken, the battery power will be supplemented by electro-magnetic generators to keep it going, saving you the headache of rummaging through the cupboard for fresh batteries and ultimately, helping keep the environment clean.”

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