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Lets face it. Most mono tv sets don’t have very good speakers built into them. What you hear is a tinny sometimes muffled version of the broadcast you are watching. The Original Dialogue Speaker helps you get better sound for your set. It is a wireless tv speaker that has an internal volume controller and amplifier. Any device that has an output for audio can be used with this wireless speaker system.

“The Original Dialogue Speaker is unique because it allows you to hear spoken words much clearer than before, but it also lowers the extra background noise. This TV speaker system is easy for anyone to setup and it comes ready to use right out of the box. Simply plug it in an outlet, add the RCA cord to your audio output, change the audio settings to your personal preference and you are ready to go. The sounds of your TV will never have sounded as good as it can with the Original Dialogue Speaker. ” So, for all of you that don’t have an expensive surround sound system hooked up to your tv, here is another option.

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