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Here’s something that’s going to be an indulgence for all the music lovers who love listening music the records way, and do not mind getting profligate when it comes to satiating their music instincts. The Vinyl Killer, that’s known for it’s cute bus taking rounds of that record to churn out your favorite songs have come up with the Swarovski version of the bus. This flamboyant range is limited to just a few pieces. The Vinyl Killer is a cute little record player shaped like a Volkswagen van. It holds its own speaker, amp, and drive motor. Just place it on a record, turn it on, and watch the van drive in circles as it belts out the tunes. It’s not good for the record, so use it on the albums you also have on CD. It’s not the record that spins. The world’s smallest self running record player doesn’t need turntables but churns out music by driving round the record with a needle that is underneath the car.
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It plays 33 rpm records only and requires 9V alkali battery. The only downside of Vinyl Killer is that it has no volume control and is set louder than normal conversation level. Swarovski is at the forefront with the latest trends in fashion and this crystal encrusted vinyl killer is set to prove it. For $520 you can be the talk of the town with your crystal encrusted battery-operated minibus by Razyworks . For the modest class, the standard $70 version is still available.
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