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Nobody likes bulky and bulging things anymore. Samsung Electronics strengthened its position as a design icon in the global monitor market with the release of a premium LCD monitor (model name: SyncMaster 971P) which boasts a unique design with geometrically shaped stand. The new model allows users to focus more on the contents of the screen by covering half of the unique ‘S’ shaped stand, giving the impression that the monitor is floating in the air. To break away from a conventional monitor shape and achieve geometric beauty, Samsung offers a more stable device design and an even slimmer triple-hinge stand, which completes the unique look of this model. To give a neat finish all cables and menu buttons, including the power switch, are hidden, so as not to show from the front. The high-glossy material gives it a sleek look. The model comes in both black and white, adding to customer choice.

As for features, the SyncMaster 971P provides both horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178˚, 1500:1 contrast ratio, and 6 ms response time, realizing the best quality image on the screen. USB 2.0 ports on the monitor maximize user convenience by giving easier access when connecting digital cameras and camcorders.
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