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After covering the Most Expensive Coffees, we thought this gadget will definitely be appreciated by all those who enjoyed the article, and of course all the coffee connoisseurs too. Froths or steam milk for cappuccino or latte with its steam wand? Cup after cup, anytime you want, you can brew perfect coffee, cappuccino, latte… even hot tea or hot chocolate with stunning simplicity and style! The Miele Coffee System CVA615 ($2,229 appr.) is the latest in wall coffee maker and espresso machine. Miele’s built in coffee maker is an epicurean’s passion and designer’s dream. It handles everything from grinding the beans to frothing milk. Featuring fully automatic controls you can set your grind preferences at the simple push of a button. Voila! A minute later you have a fresh cup of coffee, brewed on demand.

What’s more, it sleekly integrates into the cabinetry of your home’s kitchen, media room or even your office conference room. Since it requires no plumbing you can install the CVA610 virtually anywhere. As impressive as the Miele system is from the outside, it is even more impressive to behold the incredible construction and design that enables the system to perform like the world class machine that it is. Finally, regardless of your nationality, you can speak to the Miele coffee system. The operational display panel can be viewed in seven different languages.
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