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Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching and so as Black Friday. And as these days go near, more and more customers are getting excited about the great deals and discounts they could avail from various retailers. As early as now, there are a lot of retailers who already started offering great bargains that consists of a wide array of products that could serve as ideal gifts for Christmas. Various products from electronics to household items to toys are offered at big discounts.

cool latest top new technology gadgets zhu zhu pets walmart Zhu Zhu Pets Black Friday 2010: Deals and Discounts

One of the most popular items last year is also making a comeback this Black Friday. These are the so-called Zhu Zhu pets. These are cuddly and cute little hamsters that you will surely fall in love with. These pets are mostly out of stock most of the time and you will even need a tracker software in order to get some at a list price. Zhu Zhu hamsters are also being sold at eBay, but it is usually offered 3 times its original price.

But the good news is that some major retailers are offering these cute little hamsters as a part of their Black Friday deals. As a matter of fact, Target is offering these Zhu Zhu Hamsters for only $ 14.99 for a pack of three or only $ 5 per hamster. The biggest retailer in the US, Walmart on other hand offers a 3-pack Kung Zhu Hamsters for $ 20. These Kung Zhu Hamsters are apparently the rival of the original Zhu Zhu Pets. Aside from Walmart, ToysRUs has also a great Kung Zhu Battle Arena bundle deal to offer.

However, things are expected to change, as we get closer to the Christmas season. We may even expect a new generation of the Zhu Zhu and Kung Zhu hamsters in the coming days. These ultra cool and tough pets will surely captivate the attention of many and seems to be a great Christmas gift not only to the young ones, but to teens as well.

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