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So far we have covered a lengthy post of what new gaming console you should pick this holiday, and in case you want to choose Kinect then we have a dealbreaker that you should consider before leaping with the Green Team.

As you may or may not know, yesterday saw the momentous event of revealing this latest motion-based creation from Microsoft. Coming from the months of preview, the Xbox Kinect was very promising although in the back of the gamer’s mind, would it really be possible to wake up one day playing games sans a controller? Specifically, without pressing any buttons?

Apparently, Kinect seems to be the closest console to give this augmented reality a try. But somehow, coming from its low reviews, it’s an eye-opener why Kinect isn’t the answer you’re looking for just yet. The first problem for Kinect is the fact that you should have a living-room or any space in your area that is at least six-feet away from the Kinect sensor. At first, critics thought it was just a recommendation but it turns out it was a requirement after-all!

cool latest top new technology gadgets kinect review problems Xbox Kinect: Review of Glitches and Problems

Next is about the flaw of Kinect’s motion-detecting system. While it was first revealed that Kinect is a very sophisticated camera-sensor device, it still has some loopholes that needs a patch. Coming from the recent reviews, it appears that should you wear a bright-eye glass or anything that can hinder the eye-sight of Kinect’s camera, you will be force to set up your box (another 10 minutes) for it to work. Basically, what you should need to do is to follow the ideal framework of kinect which is what Microsoft is showing in its promotional videos.

cool latest top new technology gadgets kinect problems Xbox Kinect: Review of Glitches and Problems

Over-all, becoming lulled into the fascination of a minority-report / matrix movie type of device is really fascinating although somehow, what the Kinect console of Microsoft is delivering, isn’t exactly opt to this task just yet. Hopefully, on its second coming the real future will be near our grasp. And it can work even we’re just a feet away from our TV!

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