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There’s a real reason why this guy always makes fun of Russian people. Not because of their culture, accent, language, etc. But how they manage to put something that’s so obnoxious but hilarious at the same time on youtube – second is Japan.

cool latest top new technology gadgets mw2 fire Video: Russian Shoots and Destroys MW2 (Modern Warfare 2) Using Fire

So apparently, I assume that you already know about Call of Duty Black Ops as the next sequel for World at War and Modern Warfare. And if you are a gamer, then you might have wondered what the heck are you going to do with that spare MW2 disc dangling on your stash of hidden treasures? Well, this Russian guy happens to have the exact problem and he has a solution for it. Hit the video.

Woh, look what do we got here? It appears mister hand-gun is pyro-boy after all! Did you see the 1:38 part where fire just spreads through the field? – Well that’s what you call a ‘nerdgasmic’ experience for people who have a boring life. Yep, a boring life just like these guys who blow up a macbook air using a Chinese-grade dynamite because its too old and they can’t use it anymore.

Okay, I keed I keed! The video was totally hilarious and even if the first 30 second of the vid sounds alien to me, I can appreciate the effort of the guy with a hammer and sickle shirt shooting his ‘girlfriend’s’ MW2 with a hand-gun then firing it up with a fire-cracker which makes me think how cool is it to live on Russia today?

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