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In the start of this year, Apple introduced a tablet computer in market, known as iPads. After its release, a huge number of iPad supporting accessories were also introduced. These accessories include different kinds of cases, hardware,docks,keyboards,and adaptors. Here are some the most amazing iPads’ latest top new technology gadgets uses of ipad

1. The Kitchen iPad

The Alan Daly’s Kitchen iPad ,a great idea which is adjusted in the cupboard door through which people can reach to the recipes,music,videos latest top new technology gadgets kitchen ipad

2. The Macintosh iPad Standcool latest top new technology gadgets Macintosh iPad Stand

An Old Macintosh Classic has been utilized while making a new iPad by a Japanese Apple fan, As two technologies has been attached.

3. The iPad Skateboardcool latest top new technology gadgets iPad Skateboard

The boys in the Fuel T.V. took a test of abilities of iPad and kept in you it as a skateboard. Attached it with glue, drilled it and broke the polished gadget due to its rough treatment.

4. The G4 iPadcool latest top new technology gadgets g4 ipad

An other iPad stand which uses an old Apple product, the G4 iMac. TUAW said n June as Rusty saw his broken G4 iMac and  detached the iMac’s entrails and display. Then he cut off and molded some acrylic to hold the iPad then attached it with his arm. In the last step he placed the speaker pair in the iMac with a cable which was playing with the iPad’s headphone jack.

5. The iPad Arcadecool latest top new technology gadgets ipad arcade

Sometimes you must be thinking to get a portable arcade machine? Do you have an iPad ?If “Yes” then we will recommend a tour to Freekade . As their ambition is to make custom arcade equipments so that people should utilize.

6. The In-Car iPadcool latest top new technology gadgets ipad car

An idea was used to fit an iPad in the dashboard of a car, which seems very eye-catching as the huge screen satellite direction-finding, touch-screen approach to the videos and music. But if you will just concentration on it then you must have a road accident so be attentive while driving as well.

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