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Apple’s iPad is already very much in favorites list of consumer. But many of the people are still very much unaware of some features. If you don’t know what an iPad is and what can be done by it, then Here are some quick five points to learn what a iPad can do for you. These qualities make it different from other latest top new technology gadgets apple ipad tablet pc

1. Bigger Shape of iPhone

In comparison of iPhone’s 3.5 inches screen, iPad has huge size of display of 9.7-inches. With a half inch of thickness, it weighs only 680g. When a highlighted single button, you can figure out that its a Apple product. iPad has a month’s battery life at standby and on consistent use, it goes up to 10 hours.

2. Tremendously Fast

As a product of Apple can not be a slower one in speed. iPad also got an amazing processor speed of 1GHz due to an Apple A4 chip. Almost the whole user’s interface transition is smooth and without any deficiency.

3. Cool Features with New Tricks

Due to a huge display screen, iPad is much suitable for some new cool features. Specially the drop-down menu makes the navigation much more easier. On screen keyboard is also very easy to use. There will be also a feature to use physical keyboard for those who does not like much to write on screen.

4. Much More Affordable

iPad’s next best feature is, its much affordable to all the people. You can get a 16GB iPad for just $499 with Wi-Fi feature. For 32GB version of iPad, you have to pay an additional $100. Moreover all models add 3G for just paying additional $130.

5. Apps and Apps

An awesome feature of Apple iPad is that it can run all the iPhone Apps. You can run or play them with original mini screen or you can use full screen view too. There are 100,000 of iPhone Apps which are playable on iPad.

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