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Everyone wants to enjoy his own home entertainment theater system in the house. But sometimes due to lack of technical assistance and knowledge, This enjoyment goes on the wrong way. Here We ‘ve put a list of such 5 common mistakes people do while purchasing and selecting the Home Theaters. Avoid them and enjoy the full experience and latest top new technology gadgets home theater systems

1. Mounting T.V. 8 Feet Or More Height From Floor

Watching a movie in a public theater, most of the time you have to tilt your head back to see the movie. Best thing when building your own home theater is mount it at a height where you don’t have to pull your neck back or above.

2. Buying A Wrong Size T.V. For Your Room

This is a very common thing that you always want to purchase the biggest T.V. which you can afford. But the problem is when you choose a bigger T.V. for your smaller room, you can’t see the whole image. So choose according to your Room dimension instead of your affordability.

3. Placing The Speakers Inside A Wooden Cabinet

The speakers are already designed in such a way that they have their own cabinets. So if you are placing them inside a wooden cabinet to avoid sound resistance. Then your speakers probably don’t offering their best sounds. They need some specific space and air for their full quality sound production.

4. Spending Less Than $30 On A Surge Protector

Not only the people who live in the Tornado area, need the surge protectors. Compromising on a low budget, only saves your few Dollars. But they are not capable of some real hits, and the producer don’t provide you the insurance for your connected appliances.

5. Absence Of Research and Not Asking For Help

In this Internet World, There is no such excuses for not taking any research due to lack of time. Through WWW , it just takes an hour to visit different companies’ sites and to get all the required knowledge. Remember Knowledge is Power.

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