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The Android Phones are very famous in US because of their good potential to be the best OS for smart phones. There is a lot of competition between the Android phones. Clients always demand best and the manufacturers are trying to make more good Android Phones. Providing ease in choosing the best Android Phones to the costumers, we are sharing the best Android Phones of 2010. cool latest top new technology gadgets best android phones

Google Nexus One

cool latest top new technology gadgets nexus-one

Surprised Nexus! Nexus one is an android device which was available in low rates and people can easily buy it. This phone is really very good and fast in processor, good battery timings and too much. It’s a killer phone because of its wide array of cool apps and multi-touch capabilities. It’s a little familiar with iPhone.

The HTC Evo 4G cool latest top new technology gadgets HTC evo 4g

It’s a 4G device from HTCs with 8MP camera, YouTube’s HQ player, Android 2.1 with good sense from HTC (HTC sense). IT is much user’s friendly phone. The size of screen of this Android Phone, its speed, internet browsing is very active. However, it’s not so good in its battery timings, voice dialing with Bluetooth and a little more. More good is its big screen which is loved by phone gamers.

Samsung Epic 4Gcool latest top new technology gadgets Samsung Epic 4G

Attractive QWERTY keyboard, front facing camera, 5MP main Camera with LED flash and much more. It’s much better than previous counterparts. A superb AMOLED touch screen and amazing 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 processor make it much good. Users can have fun with the virtual keyboard along with slide out QWERTY physical keyboard. One drawback and that’s its big weight with big price tag on it!

Motorola Backflipcool latest top new technology gadgets Motorola Backflip

Tired of flipping the old ones then do back flip. Fresh of this month is design in the universe of Android Phones. Moto introduced a track pad behind the display for navigator. A bright display, square keys, excellent sun direct visibility, Motoblur interface, all in one are here. it is good in its battery life and in its processor.

Acer Liquid Ecool latest top new technology gadgets Acer Liquid E

It is famous and loved by its unique design, rounded edges; cute responsive screen powered by Android Éclair 2.1 within, fast performance and a 5MP camera. In this Android Phone battery life is comparatively too good with other Android Phones. Its draw backs are its wide structure, and it’s a problem to carry it along with the user.

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