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I love to be in travelling like most of the others. But I am a geek too who loves to be with his gadgets all the time. I can not carry all my loved gadgets with every trip. Thanks to the developers who understand my needs and introduced some of the best travel latest top new technology gadgets travelling

Let me show you a top 10 list of such travelling products which you can take with you in your every travel trip.

1. Travel Stick

cool latest top new technology gadgets travelstick

You can sketch out your whole trip with the help of Trackstick II. It does not need any installation or special software. Just turn it on and go to your travel. It works through Google Earth Maps. Go wherever you want and after completion of journey, you can see live map of those places where you went.

2. Imation USB Flash Drive Wristbandcool latest top new technology gadgets USB Flash Drive Wristband

Most of the people take some sort of USB drive or storage device with them while traveling. This can save there important data or software with them. Imation Flash Wristbands are solutions for them if they are worried about the loss of their USB drive. Tie them with your wrist and feel free.

3. Hand Powered Generatorscool latest top new technology gadgets hand powered generator

Another amazing tool for your temporary electric power. This is the most severe headache to get electricity power while travelling you have but now no problem of it, Hand-Powered Generator is just simple, quiet and helpful solution.

4. Solar Chargercool latest top new technology gadgets solar charger

PowerMonkey Explorer is the solution of your charging problems. It can charge your gadgets with sunlight which is available every where.

5. The Beer-Bellycool latest top new technology gadgets

This is the most interesting tool I ever enjoyed. You can just hang a big bag with your belly full of beer and drink it whenever you want.

6. Apple Nike+ Armbandcool latest top new technology gadgets Apple Nike  Armband

You would like to take iPod with you while travel. But you have the safety issue with it too. The water-resistant Apple Nike+ Armband for the iPod Nano is here for your relief. You can just place it around your arm and enjoy the iPod without much care.

7. Swiss Army USBcool latest top new technology gadgets Swiss Army USB

You may need many things during travel like Blade, Nail filer, Scissors, Key rings, Torch light or some writing stuff. But these all things may cover a reasonable place in your travel kit. the Swiss Army USB contain all of these tools and does not acquire much place. In fact you can carry it into your pocket.

8. USB Rechargeable Batteriescool latest top new technology gadgets USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries is just amazing batteries i ever meet. These batteries can be charged with your laptop and you can use them whenever you want. simply amazing.

9. Third Generation WiFi Detectorcool latest top new technology gadgets Third Generation WiFi Detector

Third Generation WiFi Detector help you to receive the internet wifi signals when you are travelling. It can grab each and every wifi signal to provide you internet facility.

10. Power Adaptor Kitcool latest top new technology gadgets Universal Power Adaptor Kit

Tumi’s Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit can provide you best charging kit you want. It is very slim and much useful too.

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