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Here goes BlizCorp having another problem again on eastern countries, in particular, about its most successful game of the year Starcraft 2, going head to head on China’s Big Red Wall (not the firewall) thus, giving a lot of anxiousness to whether SCII will finally have its needed release date on the Red Country this holiday or not? And the answer is, a big NO. Find out why.

cool latest top new technology gadgets starcraft 2 prepaid Starcraft 2 China: Release Date on 2011? (Delay and Problems)

Coming from the gamingsphere, it appears Starcraft 2 is now submitted on China facing a review whereas the ‘jury’ will be NetEase (China’s WoW operator). In a recent statement coming from Doug Creutz of Cowen Group (correlation unknown with Net Ease) it appears SC II will have a release date on China as late as 2011. Here’s the excerpt.

“Although the timing of governmental approval is (as always) uncertain, we believe the submission likely means a launch of ‘Starcraft II’ sometime in 2011,”

This may sound as a positive news for our Chinese SCII readers here, but we don’t advice you to keep your hopes too up! As you can see, NetEase has a history of going on greater heights of preventing any MMO lurking on Chinese cyber-ground. Hopefully, this shady ‘2011’ release date would be for real and the case wouldn’t be stalled again – making the western pipz enjoy SC 2’s new sequel Heart of the Swarm on 2012, before revealing the first part on China. You got the sad picture there?

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