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For all those people who use their keyboard as  a kitchen table this new Silver Seal Washable Keyboard is a true blessing.

So instead of getting embarrassed in front of your when they see  munching biscuits over your keyboard, slopping tea on it and splurging unidentified gloop across its greasy keys, get a hold Silver Seal Washable Keyboard.

cool latest top new technology gadgets Silver_Seal_Washable_Keyboard

This device is completely waterproof. This high quality plug ‘n’ play keyboard is  just like any other desktop keyboard. But the amazing waterproofing process known as Seal Shield™ it is spill proof and fully washable.The Silver Seal USB keyboard can be dumped into a tub of water, held under a running tap, or simply tossed into the dishwasher along with the rest of your utensils which are waiting to get scrubbed up.

And for the hygienic freaks here is another good news besides being fully washable, this sparkling peripheral features Silver Seal™ Antimicrobial Protection to resist microbial growth and combat the spread of whiff-causing bacteria. So the keyboard not only gives the  neat effect it also helps you keep healthy and germ free while touching those keys.

cool latest top new technology gadgets

We’re not sure how exactly this works but boffins tell us it’s got something to do with the silver ions embedded in the keyboard’s plastic.

Did you ever know that most keyboards contain nearly 400 times as many yucky microbes as the average toilet. gross!
Its already a big hit in medical circles. The Silver Seal is ideal for Howard Hughes style tippy tappers and anyone who hates greasy, crummy keyboards which will defiantly include all of us.

You’ll never tire of putting it in the sink or dishwasher, because it is as simple as turning a switch on.

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