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As soon as our readers manage to tip us about this recent report about Giz, I was really hoping that the case isn’t what I am thinking about, but alas! It appears my biggest fears are about to happen. As you may or may not heard, there was a recent report from Cityam claiming that a Nexus Two device will suddenly launch soon, spearheaded by an undisclosed company. How soon? It will be ready for a November 8 press-launch. While it was not mentioned if Google will be behind this release, it was touted that it will be the Nexus Two.

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Recently today, we reported that this phone will manage to look like the Samsung Galaxy S phone. And if you are a tech-writer, this appears as an insult; looking on how the Nexus One turns out to be the first grandiose flagship phone of Google, then seeing its persona getting ruined by a mere copycat of Samsung Galaxy S — I can say right now that it will be an utter disappointment, especially for the Nexus One users.

I am not saying Samsung Galaxy S Phones are all bad (they aren’t). But what I am trying to point out is, the Nexus One which we all knew who delivers the first real striking blow against the iPhone, the first model smartphone by Android for all of the proceeding smartphones and the one that marked the beginning of the real ‘Android smartphones’ for the consumers to enjoy, will now be merely mocked by a Nexus Two smartphone which is a copycat of Sammy’s latest Galaxy Phones? Is Google really serious about releasing this one?

Anyway, the case might be different, if Samsung is just going to use the word “nexus two” only to create a buzz for this launch. And if that happens, I can say it’s a pretty ‘dirty’ trick. But in case, it does push through and Samsung really named this device as Nexus Two, what would be the repercussion of this to the Nexus One brand? – Well, I won’t beat behind the bush here, it will be catastrophic! Because unlike the iPhone which has one name, the Nexus One has a name as well and it brought fantasies to the people that whenever iPhone gets a new version, the Nexus will have one as well. And Samsung’s action might just ruin this completely because a Galaxy S phone isn’t exactly your fantasy for an iPhone 4 killer, is it?

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