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You know something good is about to happen when companies starts to offer discounts one by one towards their devices and it’s aimed at the month of November. Well, the recent price updates for Samsung Galaxy Tab is certainly welcomed and it’s a no-brainer that sammy is prepping up as well for the Black Friday 2010 event!

cool latest top new technology gadgets samsung galaxy tab black friday Samsung Galaxy Tab: Best Buy For Black Friday! (Price)

The new prices are as follows: 7inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Silver (WiFi Only) will be priced for 499 USD. For the 3G, a Black Samsung Galaxy Tab will be rolled out for 599.99 USD on a month-to-month contract plan with Verizon. And just in case you hate the Red Team, the company is also offering a 3G Silver Samsung Galaxy Tab for Sprint (you can bet the price is the same) and it will go under the same month-to-month contract.

All of these three galaxy tabs will be sold on Best Buy. On November 11, you can expect the Verizon tablet to be available followed by a November 14 release for the Sprint. Which only means that on the coming black Friday and Cyber Monday, buyers wouldn’t only be looking for an iPad on Best Buy, instead they have an alternative to look for with a good Android Tablet as well. And you can already bet that the 499 USD WiFi only Sammy tablet will be the ‘apple of the eyes’ of the consumers, to think that its price is very competitive against the 16GB iPad which costs 499 USD as well!

While we are still zipping our mouths about the possibility of ‘in the house’ sales on best buyip, making the price of the galaxy tab even drop to one Benjamin depending on the coupon codes that you have on your stash (e.g: $100 worth of best buy coupon code), we can’t say that it’s not a possibility at all! For all we know, everything can happen on the biggest sale event of the year. And this is just a taste of what’s yet to come.

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