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Oh and another one sues Apple! Question is, will this entity face the dust as well? And nope, this is not about a company we’re talking about here, but rather a girl, and to be more specific she’s a 19 year old model. The case of the suit? An adult rogue app on Apple manages to use her provocative photos without her permission and this girl demands a $1 million dollar fine on Apple and Samba Studios (makers of the Extreme Cam Girls App).

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Before we lead onto so many conclusions and side on the Blue or Red team, one should analyze the situation. So apparently, Rebecca Battino (name of the accuser) claims that someone have wiped all her sexy, steamy photos from her computer and distribute it on the web without her knowledge and thus using it to attract visitors, in this case against the Extreme Cam Girl Application.

We are no lawyers here but the fact of the matter is, if this person is really serious on filing a suit against Apple and to the developers then she should also be doing it first on the person who swiped the files on her computer and manage to publicized it on the web. As you are all may aware off, it’s so friggin’ easy to find any provocative photos on the net, just try (even with the search filter turn to ‘on’) and you can see tons of women whereas getting it easy without any external source. For the folks from Samba, their best defense for this one is they just got it from a rogue 3rd party publisher and there was no link sourcing the original post.

As much as I hate to say this, our technology is very fragmented when it comes to these problems and I fear that this suit filed by this girl whom her photos was taken without her consent when she was just 16, will be dismissed should the accuser is serious enough to take this on a formal legal proceedings – much more against Apple.

So far, Apple nor the developers of Extreme Girl App has not yet disclosed their statement of any comments

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